20 September 2006


It's been a while my friends....in fact a whole week since I sat down to write & it's not that I've been lazy....just busy & spending time with my Mum who came to stay. It's good too because I can update on the WIP & happily report that the bed runner has been finished....yay!!

The very fact that Mum was here to stay played a big part in getting the runner done....I've had some help from the quilt-expert herself & we've learned a few lessons together along the way with techniques etc. I'm so pleased with how it's turned out & it's currently looking all lovely on the spare bed upstairs.

I have a few things to start researching....I'm looking into ways of printing my illustrations/sketches on to fabric with my home inkjet printer (has anyone tried these?) & also need to get hunting down vintage sheets for backing quilts which for me generally starts on eBay (must. not. get. sidetracked though!).

Anyway, it now feels that Nest is nearly born. We've been talking business & are going to give it a go together so wish us luck. So many ideas swirling around our brains now....I'll be back with an update soon :)


julie said...

oh how exciting...business...love the bed runner!!!

Shari said...

starting your own business. how fabulous! your bed runner is gorgeous. so very lovely. xo shari

Bizelily said...

Hi nesty

How beautiful the runner looks now it is finished, worth all that work for sure!
Now to get promoting!

love bizelily x

Gigibird said...

I shall send you a few links regarding printing on fabric - runner looks very professional.
It must be lovely doing something so creative with your mum.

nesty said...

hello hello!

thanks for all the lovely & encouraging comments...it is so nice to working on something with my mum...looking forward to more creative projects together. our only fear is parting with the finished articles :)

lynn - thanks for the link...i'm going to try out a few & i'll let you know how i get on

ambika said...

The bed runner (and the bed decor, in general) is just lovely. Must learn to sew!