03 September 2006


The sun's back again. Up early today....Ciaran's gone out for the day so I got to have a lazy morning....weekend papers (2 great arcticles above) & coffee with Radio 4 going in the background. Think I'll try the rose macaroons soon to share with someone girly....just need to get some rosewater. As for the wish list in the Guardian magazine....well I'd be happy with any or all of it please! Such great colours.

I thought things were just about finished in the garden (have only been thinking of getting out there & cutting stuff back lately what with the grey weather) but on closer inspection today in the sunshine there's some lovely things still to come. Even my sunflower at long last! Looking forward to pumpkins for October....must seek out some recipes.


julie said...

Oh what beautiful and inspiring photos!!!

shari said...

rose macaroons sound great. do let us know if you make them. i've heard a good bit about radio four lately. sounds wonderful. what are your fave programs? i will have to see if i can listen online. xo shari
ps: let me know if you want pumpkin recipes. i have a whole book of them!

Gigibird said...

Japanese Anemones are one of my favourite flowers - what colour are yours? pink or white?
It's nice when husbands go off for the day - watch TV you want, eat when you want,....

Pink macaroons- if they taste as good as they look.... it's funny how we're all attracted to pink things.

nesty said...

julie - thanks for that...it's nice to share these things with you :)

shari - i promise to do a macaroon update soon (once i get my rose water) & i'd very much like to get some pumpkin recipes from you when my harvest's ready (thanks for the offer!)...radio 4 is great...i listen to womans hour most days, the archers everyday (agricultural soap opera!) & there's some good programmes on books which you'd love (have a look & listen for the listings on their website www.bbc.co.uk/radio4) enjoy! x

lynn - they're pale pink :) some are already out & they're so pretty...in agreement with the husband theory...i love spending time with mine but it's nice to have some alone time too...unfortunately i seem to always end up eating toast & tea for my meals when he's out...it's so much better to cook for 2! x