04 September 2006


And now for something creative!

I'm calling this Quilt Monday....inspired by angry chicken who always posts her quilting progress on this day of the week. It's also very much a Work In Progress post. This is the start of a (fingers crossed) new venture for me & will be part of (Wedding) Nest. It's going to be a quilted bed runner & it's a version to market/show as an example. It's based on memorable fabrics from my wedding ....bridesmaids outfits/napkins/invitations/even Ciaran's tie! I'll report back with the finished version soon :)

This is the start of the last week in my current day job....I don't think it'll sink in that I've finished until Friday when all's done & dusted. I'm off to see some of my lovely colleagues tomorrow and I made these contact cards for them so we can keep in touch. Lots of biscuits will be required to sweeten the sadness of saying bye bye for now to them all!


Gigibird said...

I am on the verge of making a quilted something - I'm going to start small.

You are a busy bee.

Cards are great - if I saw them in a shop I'd buy them. I used to make cards, maybe I'll dust off my supplies again, you have inspired me:)

julie said...

Love your cards!!!

nesty said...

thanks for the comments on the cards...it's really encouraging to hear that folk like them (& inspired to make...even better!)

good luck with the quilting lynn...this is my 1st attempt so maybe i'm being a bit adventurous?! hope to compare notes further into autumn (when we'll be needing all things quilty for sure!)

hope this busy-beeness ball keeps rolling! x

Abigail said...

The new quilt is wonderful..can't wait to see how that progresses!

The cards are a great idea too...so pretty..and now there is no excuse for losing contact!! - hope your last week goes okay..and without too many teary moments!;)


Bizelily said...

Hi nesty,
the quilt is looking good, can't wait to see the finished result. I really like the cards too, another idea for home nesty!

love bizelily x