04 October 2006


It's about to pour with rain & I have washing on the line....

....but I do have some WIP today....more key fobs for Etsy & some to sell in my friend Abi's cafe too.

I've been hit with the (Christmas....no really!) gift-kick overnight. It may sound insane but with v little funds to play with I am embarking on a homemade-presents-for-all-season & they aren't all going to get made in a December weekend....I started by making an ideas-list & feel better already :)

Happy Wednesday Everybody! x

p.s. I'm going to visit new kittens at my cousin Vicky's house tomorrow....cute pics instore for the next post!!


bizelily said...

Hi Nesty

say hello to the kittens from me, don't get tempted by them!!!

love bizelily

Shari said...

hi there,
i am planning handmade christmas gifts too. love all of the different fabric circles. have fun with the kittens! xo s

kelly said...

such a wonderful thing to do all handmade gifts! I love it! I am planning and working on homemade gifts this year also. keep up the good work.

Gigibird said...

the comfort of a list....
Hand mades are great as long as they are appreciated by the recipients.
I bet Bosco won't like you much for playing with kittens - he'll know you've been disloyal!