29 September 2006


2 birthday's this week....so I've been busy with cards & sewing projects.

Today is my lovely mother-in-law, Anne's....Birthday Wishes With Love have been sent in the post to arrive in Ireland this morning from me & C. She's an amazing lady, I hope she has a great day & treats herself to something nice with the money!

It was also Grainne's (C's god-daughter) birthday this week & another package was sent across the water to Ireland, this time with a very girly handbag & key fob as I know she's a a fan of all things pink & pretty!

& last but not least Bosco got a pressie too....& yes I know he's neither girl nor is it his birthday but he's forever sleeping on the windowsills & so I thought he could do with a bit more comfort :) He's now the proud owner of a cat-nap-quilt....perfect for snoozing in the sunshine! Think I'll put a couple of these in my shop over the next few weeks for other spoilt cats around the world!

Have a lovely weekend one & all. We have friends coming to stay & we're planning on much eating, drinking & merriment! x


bizelily said...

Hi nesty

Lovely personal gifts and cards going across the water, I'm sure they will love them.
That Bosco is a lucky cat, what pampering!

love bizelily x

Shari said...

hi kelly!

handmade gifts are the best! i love the cat nap quilt. so sweet. enjoy the merriment this weekend! xo shari

Gigibird said...

Bosco is such a handsome boy.I hope he appreciates his new quilt!

kstyle said...

Hi nesty,

Love your blog. Will come back to visit. k

Abigail said...

Lucky girls..what wonderful treats!!...and bosco too, bet he is one happy chappy...;D

hugs, xox

julie said...

I dont have a cat but the cat-nap-quilt is a brilliant idea - it looks so warm and comfy!