13 October 2006


Cute alert!!

I was introduced to these 2 little kittens last night....this is Millie....

....and this is her brother Rupert!

I spent a lovely evening with my cousin Vicky & these 2 sweeties. We ate birthday cake, drank tea and watched them play. They are so tiny....I was hoping for a stowaway in my bag when I got home but no such luck! I'll have to go back & visit soon :) Thank goodness for digital cameras....I must have taken 60 pics & most just had the nip of a tail or a blurry paw....they're fast movers & weren't up for posing. And when they finally flopped I took full advantage of a cuddle!

Good weekend wishes to everyone! x


julie said...

so cute!!!!!!! and so is the lovely card you made!!! Have a great weekend too!!!

bizelily said...

Hi nesty

Thank heavens for kittens!

love bizelily xx

Shari said...

oh my! those kittens are so cute. they are really hard to photograph though. xo shari