15 October 2006


I have no weekend-craftiness to report....we've been too busy sharing good times with my dear friend Abi. Saturday evening at the Picturehouse where we ate funnily-film-themed crepes & drank wine in the bar before watching The History Boys. Here's what we had....

Kelly - What's Eating Gilbert Crepe (spinach/cheese/egg)
Abi - Raiders of the Lost Crepe (ham/cheese/tomatoes)
Ciaran - Crepefast at Tiffany's (ham/mushrooms/egg)

....I think mine had the best title :) They were all delicious & the perfect pre-film supper. Chocolate for dessert was taken into the cinema to nibble on afterwards. Great film & a great Arts Cinema. I think I'm getting choosier about where I like to see things nowadays....the multiplexes leave me a bit cold. So the seats aren't quite as super-comfy but you get to feel more of a connection with the rest of the audience....especially so with comedies like this. I love hearing chortles all around me :)

Sunday....lie-in. A long lazy breakfast with muesli, coffees & brioche. Then a nice walk at a local mill. Amazing twisty trees, the clearest/smoothest water, boats on the river, pretty thatched cottages....strolling along whilst chatting/singing/laughing. Hungry again we stopped for a pub lunch before heading home to light the fire, talk guitars/listen to Rodrigo y Gabriella (Abi's favourite) & read the newspapers. Weekend bliss! So lovely to enjoy it all with the special people in my life.

Until the next time, x


julie said...

It does sound like a perfect weekend! What could be better than twisty trees, coffee and brioche?!!
Another thing about the multiplexes is the constant ringing of cellphones!!
Hope your week is as good!

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

Fab weekend, sounds near perfect! I know a very cosy cinema where the contact with fellow film buffs can be extremly interactive, Cromer cinema is like sitting in the front room!!
love bizelily x

Shari said...

sounds fun kelly! i just love crepes and movies with chocolate for nibbling...perfect. xo shari