18 October 2006


Into my autumnal baking & I found this tried and tested recipe in my file. It's a little odd in the sense that it uses parsnip/swede/turnip in with the mix....but think carrot cake and feel reassured! (I've also got an excellent courgette cake recipe whilst on this vegetable theme.) I always use parsnips in my version of this Ginger Root Cake....hopefully you can click on the pic above to see the details but if it's not clear and anyone would like me to email it just ask!

It is very very tasty! I baked mine whilst listening to my other treat of the week, the new album from KT Tunstall....lovely acoustic music. She is amazing....please take a peek at the website if only for the fantastic theatre box which looks v. halloweeny!
Middle of the week....I'm off to Norfolk for a few days tomorrow. Staying at my parent's house & planning a quiltathon with Mum. We're still creating the samples for our business-to-be and need a bit of time to get things on the go again. It can be difficult living so far apart & having other things going on so we're looking forward to some quality stitching time together :) Here's one of the illustrations I've printed onto cotton poplin....it'll be appliqued on to the new bed runner we're doing.

When I'm back I hope to post what we've got completed! Thanks for your lovely comments which I'm always so happy to get....I've been v bad at responding lately but when I'm back I'll look forward to catching up with everyone :) I've had some great pumpkin recipes from Shari (thank you!!) which I'm going to attempt with our harvest (of 3 !) as we get nearer to Halloween. I got my mail order 4 package from kingpod with lots of crafty goodies to make....so all's good. Until next time, xxx.


julie said...

Your baking treats sound very interesting and look yummy!!!
And some quality stitching time sounds wonderful...for you stitchers!! Your illustration is lovely!!!!
Have a great time and look forward to seeing what youve done.

Gigibird said...

Cake looks wonderful - but I've yet to get my head around parsnips in a cake- I will have to take your word that they are a good as carrots....

Anonymous said...

Can I just give a link to the site of the chef who created this recipe, Dan Lepard, at http://www.danlepard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=526 - the image you show is I think a scan of his column in The Guardian's magazine on a Saturday.