03 November 2006


Friday is my day to bake our weekend cake. Today's recipe was kindly sent to me by the lovely Gigibird & as she promised it turned out to be fabulous! I can't believe how easy it was to make & my hubby now thinks I am officially a Domestic Goddess once more (after that bad coconut cake incident!) The recipe comes from Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book which I'm now going to search for on ebay :)

I got out some Christmas fabric today to get me in the mood to start my crafty projects for the season. What is it about piles of fabric & cats? No sooner had I turned my back....Mr Bosco settled himself down for a nap!

Anyway folks....not much to write about today (shame as it's my 50th post) but I'll be back with tales of Bonfire Night & our weekend soon. Until then cheerio! x


Gigibird said...

I'm pleased your Bara Brith was well received - Mary Berry may not be considered high fashion, but she's not called the Queen of Cakes for nothing! Her tray bakes will get your husband eating out of your hand!
Nice fabric by the way; fabric and cats, how I miss my dear old pussy cat.
Next time you bake the BB try using Earl Grey, or add a little bit of orange zest - slightly gilding the lily, but will get you even more compliments:)

julie said...

Mmmm...looks yummy..what cake is it though? And the fabric looks yummy too!!!

kelly said...

hi lynn! thanks for more baking tips, you've converted me to mary b :) i love the idea of using earl grey as it's my favourite! x

hi julie! the cake is called bara brith & it's a bit like malt loaf, really yummy & good autumn eating :) not sure of the origins of the name...i must look it up! x

i'm liking the fabric too ladies...bit stumped for the moment what it'll be converted into?

kelly said...

bara brith is welsh fruitcake...thanks to wikipedia as always!

Shari said...

hi kelly,
i love these photos. such cute fabric and your treats look so yummy. hello to mr. bosco, too. xo shari