08 November 2006


After working extra shifts in my newish day job at the Post Office I've not had much craftytime of late but am pleased to report that I had a "free" day today and so to work on a batch of corsages for Cafe Leo.

I actually shouldn't be saying "free" day....it's hard to explain but I suppose I should call them "job days" too. Since being made redundant a few months back I'm now trying to get a balance of going out to work part-time for a few pennies whilst working on creative things too. This is my opportunity to actually make a go of starting up a little business of my own (& of course with Mum too in the form of our memory quilt projects) but I have to admit that I'm finding it hard to get into a routine. It's such a treat to be able to be having a go at all this....after doing my degree & getting a job I slowly saw my (professional) creative side taking more & more of a back seat. So much so that years passed & I ended up in a role that hardly required a single drop of artistic merit and that did make me sad....

Sorry to ramble off on a tale of woe folks....I think it's done me good to write it down....I just had a moment of reaching for the delete key but I'd like to use this post to remind myself that I'm really lucky to be in this position at last of being back in a creatively happy place. If it wasn't for the amazing love, encouragement & support of my hubby, family & friends I don't know if I'd really have the means to try this out and for that I'm so grateful. Maybe one day I'll earn enough to let C become a house-husband, or at least employ him as company secretary :)

So I'm making a little promise to myself tonight to keep the foot on the pedal! x


Gigibird said...

Work/life balance, crafting/work/life balance is very difficult to acheive. I have noticed a lot of prolific crafters are single "moms".
I remeber years ago a programme about Laura Ashley - she used to send her children to bed at 5.30pm, lock them in their bedrooms where they stayed until the next day, so she and her husband could work uninterupted.
Juggling real life is difficult, and "making" it may not happen straight away, but keep on making things,keep the creative process going and success will happen.
Here endeth the surmon!

Anonymous said...

hello nesty, I've been introduced to your blog through gigibird ;). I understand what is like to have a change of direction thrust upon oneself, rather than chosing it. However, it sounds like you are taking every opportunity to make it positive. I wish you every success.

julie said...

Thanks for sharing Kelly and i know what youre going through!!! And GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Go for it girl and enjoy every moment!!! I also just started a part time job at home on the computer and am so pleased to have the extra money...and then persue my creatives loves as well.

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

keep up the good work, but don't lock Ciaran and Bosco in the bedroom!!

love bizelily xx

Shari said...

hi kelly!

i think it is wonderful that you are pursuing your love of art and craft. :) i bet the part time job just makes you feel more secure and more confident in being able to pursue what you love. you know that you have money coming in and that frees you up to be creative. that is what i am searching for too. if only i could find a job i like. how's the post office??? xoshari

Manda said...

The balance is such a difficult one. But I'm sure you'll naturally find a routine that works for you.
Those corsages are beautiful.

kelly said...

it has been so heartwarming to read all your comments...thank you very very much for your encouragement & thoughts. the blogging friendships that i feel i've made over the past few months really do inspire me & i'm always super-happy when i've made my "visits" to your blogs & to know you've stopped by to see what i'm getting up to is great.

lynn - your comments always make me smile...that laura ashley story is scary! i'm interested in a weird way to find out more about her now ! anyway i promise i'll continue to keep on making & never lock bosco in a bedroom! x

sew miaow - love that name! thanks for your words. it's lovely to communicate with other creative folk. i'm looking forward to taking a peek at your blog soon :)

julie - you've inspired me massively with your artwork & it's immensely encouraging to read your comments...i'm all fired up again! a bit of extra money does help the situation & i think it does me good to have that different focus if only for a few hours a week so that i look forward to coming home & getting the sketchbook/sewing machine out. x

bizelily - hello mum! do you know what you're letting yourself in for working with me?!! it's going to be great :) love you xx

shari - well the post office is different! it's actually really nice working somewhere that's a real centre of the local community...i'm slowly becoming knowledgable on the village gossip whether i want to or not!! i really hope that you can find a job that you like...there must be a lovely bookshop out there that you'd be perfect for :) fingers crossed! x

manda - thank you thank you for commenting. i love new visitors :) i'm glad you like the corsages, i'm doing a little stocking filler range but secretly just want to keep them all for myself to wear. i'm bad!! p.s. are you manda-treefall?

AnastasiaC said...

These are gorgeous!!! very sweet...will add a nice touch!