15 November 2006


November sunshine greeted us this morning....absolutely beautiful! I actually sat outside & had my hot drink before breakfast....taking some time to just sit, look & listen.

It's been a while since my last post. It was very heartwarming to read such kind, funny & encouraging comments & I'd like to extend my thank yous once more to those of you who took a moment to write something....it gave me a real boost. Just to hear how I'm not alone when I'm wondering how to juggle things really helps :)

So back to today....our supper's now cooking on the stove....another favourite Nigel Slater recipe....mmmmm aubergines! Served with a big huge helping of hummus....me & C will be reeking of garlic tonight. I am planning on baking date & walnut biscuits in the next few days (recipe kindly sent to me by lovely Julie) once I've found some date spread....no joy in the hunt at the supermarket so I may end up trying to make some instead.

Creations today?...more fabrics corsages for Abi's cafe. Should be all finished tonight when I'll be stitching the brooch pins on by the fire. I'll post a picture of them tomorrow....until then hope everyone's having a good week so far! x


julie said...

Lovely pictures..those aubergines!! (I have a great simple recipe for aubergine spread!!)
Thank you for the sweet mention :)
And your cafe corsages are lovely (sorry to be so dopey...but where do they go in the cafe?)
Have a lovely day xx

kelly said...

morning julie! i make a few knick-knacky things that my friend sells by the counter in her cafe (cards, corsages, key rings & bookmarks)...she has a range of work from different artists displayed & for sale (photography, silk paintings, ltd edition prints etc)...so i'm hoping to sell a few stocking fillers as folk pay for their coffees :)

bizelily said...

hi nesty,

the corsage is looking very good and I can almost taste those cookies, makes me think of the date bread in Saudi Arabia,

love bizelily x

julie said...

oh fantastic!!! Im sure you will sell out quickly! The qualitly of your work is wonderful!

Gigibird said...

Winter sunshine is magical, and most a most welcome treat.
After reading of your porridge start, I made some this morning!
I hope your corsages sell quickly, they should as they look lovely.

Shari said...

hi kelly!

love the idea of beautiful handmade items to fill up christmas stockings!!

aubergines=eggplants, yes?

what a beautiful morning photo. sunshine and porridge. ahhh!! xo xo shari

Manda said...

I made Nigel Slaters sausage and lentil casserole tonight and it was gorgeous. Love him!
That corsage is almost too beautiful!!