12 December 2006


It's good to be back.

Things have been busy. When I've grabbed my ten minutes of treat time I've been blog reading instead of blog writing :)

Getting to that time of year when the days are running by so fast + lots to do before Christmas. Our tree is dressed. Bosco makes a daily ritual of naughtily jumping up + knocks the needles flying....it is a tease though with it's little bird ornaments beckoning!

Our Christmas cards are all done. I had fun with a potato print + after some experimenting I ended up with these. Help as always was on hand from Bosco when I came to write inside them....

Simple + sparkly + on a tree theme.

Hope everyone's having a good week. I've been working extra shifts in the Post Office....as you'd imagine it is crazily non-stop this time of year with what seems to be a never-ending queue. Looking forward to a day at home tomorrow....just me, the radio + sewing machine....no crowds....orange + clove oils burning....lots of festive making. Until next time! x


rebecca said...

Fantastic cards - simple idea but very effective!

Gigibird said...

Your photos have really captured Christmas.
I love how cats are so fasinated with Christmas trees and all the cat toys/decorations they hold.

Cards are wonderful - I going to start calling you Wonder woman!

Nonnie said...

Your cards are really lovely. I love the little sparkly bits. Your day off sounds lovely. So Christmassy.

cruststation said...

What a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, I love the ribbons you tied on the end of each branch. Lovely Christmas cards, simple and effective (thanks for the inspiration)!

julie said...

Hi Kelly, your home looks gorgeous and so inviting!!!
And those cards are lovely!!!!
Hope youre enjoying your day at home!! xxx

Shari said...

hi kelly,
you have such a lovely home. your tree is fantastic! no tree for us this year as i imagine that little maggie would want to climb it! i love your cards. :) enjoy your day at home...will you be listening to the archers? xo shari

kelly said...

thanks everyone for the comments...it's nice to be back in the blog + hearing from you lovely folk again!

welcome rebecca! thank you for your sweet words...i always think i'll not be able to come up with a new christmas card so it's a relief i did + that people like the idea :)

dear lynn...bosco pics especially for you!! i am very doubtful of being a wonder woman...if you saw the state of my house...i'm more like whirlwind girl ;)

hi nonnie! glad you like the sparkle...i have a lot of it around from my disco days! my day off's going good so far...even had coffee + stollen for an extra christmassy treat!

hello miss cruststation...i'm glad to have inspired as i get so much from other blogs myself. at least one ribbon needs to be re-tied per day with a leaping cat about!

dear julie, would love to invite you round if there weren't a few thousand miles between us! still you never know...one day? hope you're getting some good studio time too! x

dear shari, how did you guess? i have been happily working away with the archers for company today! it has me hooked :) maggie would have fun with our tree...i bet she's loving your pine + berries?! thanks for your lovely words. x

Manda said...

love those cards!

kelly said...

Wonderful pics as always! Hope you do get that nice quiet day at home soon. We have lots of birds on our tree too but we dont have a cat and the dog isnt interested unless its to wag his lovely tail too close and knock the needles off!


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Gorgeous home! (I really adore the shot of your tree and that small corner of your home.) Gorgeous cards!!!

Abigail said...

the tree looks wonderful!!! I can't wait to get mine :)
...love the cards too


louise said...

What a pretty tree & very stylish cards. Lovely cat too of course! Happy Christmas!

AnastasiaC said...

i love your cards - lovely!!!
beautiful christmas decorations....