02 December 2006


The first weekend of December + so today we went Christmas Tree Shopping! Probably a little early for some (my Hubby included) but I like to get into the cheery season + enjoy it. We always go to the same tree people in the next village along....I usually dither over which shape looks good....umming + ahhing whilst C gets impatient! But today I chose quickly + chose well....we got it home + it looks so beautiful in our sitting room even in it's state of undress :)

Shame a bulb has blown in one of the sets of lights....I went to buy a replacement but got the wrong size so no decorations can go on today. I got the box out anyway + it's always lovely to look through them all....such a treat to find the ones you forget you had. So in the next few days we'll be looking very Christmasy in our house....more pics to come when it takes shape.

My Mum made us this gorgeous garland for the front door as she does every year....all with foliage cut from our garden. It's very herby with lots of rosemary + lavender! I love it.

Me + my Mum helped to put the tree up at my Grandparent's house on Friday. Some of their decorations are so old + it's very nostalgic looking at each one....whisking me back to my childhood....such happy times together.

Last of all I made my 1st sales from my online shop! So exciting! I wrapped them up today + they're now crossing the many miles to USA. And how I love wrapping things up....such a pleasure in life. Back tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone! x


Shari said...

hi kelly!

looks like you picked out a wonderful tree. i love the garland on your front door...lavendar? mmmm!

congrats on your sales! :)

xoxo shari
ps: did you get my email?

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Congratulations on your first sale!! I'm also in love with you lovely garland and all the pretty ornaments.

julie said...

Congratulations..the beginning of great things!! Your photos are so lovely Kelly...what a fantastic garland by your Mum!! xxx

Gigibird said...

What a clever and artistic Mummy you have!
Congratulations with Etsy - your wrapping up is beautiful.

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

I loved seeing the garland on your door, i have put mine up today, again mostly rosemary with some lovely deep pink skimmia flowers from the garden,

love bizelily x

Nonnie said...

Your box of decorations looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing pics of them on the tree. I also really like the wreath. Very pretty.

cruststation said...

I love that garland on your door, your mum is so talented. How wonderful to be greeted by sweet smells of herbs as you enter.

mav said...

i believe one of those packages was mine. i received it today and it's just wonderful. so special. i am hanging it in my bedroom. cheers to you & much goodness in 2007. be well, mav