11 January 2007


I'm lost in
....one of those weeks where
time is slipping by too fast
+ the goalposts keep moving....

....so many good things about
making me feel inspired + happy....

....the wonderful 3191 where I spied
one of my creations today *beam*
....julie's shop which opened on monday
(I made a purchase which I will soon be
admiring daily on the wall of my workroom!)

....white tulips with extras added from our garden.

shari's words which are my daily treat
....always so beautiful to read.

+ last but not least my new earrings
a gift from C....the most glorious greens
....I'm a very lucky girl! x


bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

And still you find time to smell to tulips!

love bizelily xx

julie said...

Oh Kelly my week fled by too...thank you sweetie for the mention and the purchase..:) and you are featuring on 3191..wow!!!!!!!
Enjoy your new earrings - my (jade..favourite green!!)

Write you an email today.. xxx

Gigibird said...

You have a way with flowers - your display is devine. You must get that from your mum?
Hello by the way, haven't "spoken" to you in ages:)

Shari said...

hi sweet kelly,

your words made my heart beam! thank you!! love your new earrings and it was so fun to spy one of your creations on 3191. hugs, shari

cruststation said...

I love your photos, the remnants of paper cutouts is beautiful in themselves. Beautiful tulips :)