15 January 2007


this weekend we ate cardamom coffee cake, recipe from angry chicken as part of her mailorder #5....i baked away to my hearts content whilst listening to the archers omnibus on radio 4....and then we sampled it 1) me + C with coffee and 2) me, C + grandparents with tea....scrumptious both times round! speaking of tea....i was sad to have missed the international tea party on friday which looked fun. i so enjoyed reading round the blogs involved....who drank what + lots of lovely photos of folk with their cups + saucers! not really practical to drink from but beautiful to look at....i'm loving the stitched ceramic ones by claire coles (take a peek at her her wallpaper too which is just gorgeous!)

wishing everyone a good week ahead....i have my mum coming to stay for a couple of days so will be back on wednesday. until then....x

p.s. loved eireann's post about delurking last week....i've taken a pledge to write more comments myself :)


Gigibird said...

Hello Kelly! Have you been tweaking your font colours? or is it me?
Cake looks yummy.....I feel like a spot of baking coming on.

Nonnie said...

The cake looks lovely. How perfect to bake while listening to the Archers omnibus. Sounds like a perfect Sunday morning.

Shari said...

cardamom cake sounds so good! love the claire coles teacup. enjoy your time with your mom kelly! xo shari

Heather said...

Your cake looks yummy! Great photos!

julie said...

I have been in love with Claire Coles work for ages!!!
Hope you are enjoying time with your Mum!! xxx

risa said...

you'll just have to join in on the next party in a few months! oh, and i love love love claire coles...

Alison said...

Thank you for leaving your wonderful comments on my blog. They really did make me smile.

I've just visited your etsy shop for the first time. How weird that we had similar ideas with my cards and your labels. Your's are really neat.

I also listen to The Archers each week. Thank goodness for the internet and the Radio 4 Listen Again site.

Have fun with your Mum. I have just learnt that my folks are coming out here to NZ in three weeks so there's another match for us.

I'm sure that your cake tastes as amazing as it looks.

Jodie said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Rome is one of those cities which is just irresistible...full of gorgeous people and architecture. I'm glad you enjoyed my post and I love the look of that cake!! x

kelly said...

hello ladies + thanks for all the lovely comments...it always makes my day to read your friendly words!

dear gigi...yes i've been tweaking! if i'm not rearranging furniture then i'm rearranging blog colours! x

hi nonnie...i agree...sunday morning bliss for me is that kind of easy time with late breakfasts::radio::newspapers::and a spot of baking! x

sweet shari...would love you to share a piece of cake. be in touch soon. x

hi heather...glad you like the pics :) we were blessed with a sunny morning which always helps on the photography front! x

dear julie...i knew you'd like cc! very you on the stitching into objects style :) hope you're feeling better! x

hey risa! thanks so much for stopping by...i'd be delighted to join in your next party! so pleased you liked the link. x

dear alison...good to hear from you + it's lovely that you had a look at my etsy shop...funny too about the labels (great minds hey?!) it's been so good having my mum here to stay + i bet you're counting the days 'til your folks visit...how exciting for them to see your beautiful new home :) must discuss the archers antics with you in future! x

hi jodie...thanks for visiting! i really enjoyed reading your blog today + will be back to read/see more soon. your photos are fantastic! x

cruststation said...

MMmm...another wonderful cake, sorry you missed the tea party but looking forward to partying with you on the next. Love Claire Coles Design, I am learning a lot about tea from everyone :)