05 February 2007


the postlady delivered
a very special parcel
to me today....

....all the way
julie in israel!

the alfalfa bug box is from her handmaid shop + is now hanging in my workroom....it 's actually close-by my computer + it's nice to think i have it here in my home as i pay my daily visits to her blog. i love all the found papers that she uses + of course the handpainted butterfly tile....

....she also sent me this new piece which i'm all excited about....how fabulous is this wall brooch???! now....i think that the concept of wall jewellery alone is wonderful....but add the sweet colour + textural pattern too....i couldn't be more delighted with it :) thank you dear j!

isn't it just so good how we make these connections through our blogs? when i started mine last year i would never have guessed that i'd end up communicating with such inspiring + lovely people from all over the world....it encourages me to keep creative + makes me feel touched by friendship....very special indeed.

a few other specials

this donna hay recipe
for some reason i have a desire to eat
something delicate + pretty

shari's polaroids
beautiful blossom in the snow

itching to see this film
try out what do you dream?
me? i'm a creative savant apparently!

reading about a new allotment project
+ thinking what veggies we'll grow
in our garden this year

until next time, x


Shari said...

hi kelly!
thank you so much for the kind mention. i love your new pieces from julie. beautiful! the donna hay photo is simply lovely. let me know if you try the recipe. we are also making a list of things to grow in our spring garden. i'm all about peas. :) xoxo shari

AnastasiaC said...

Julie's art is wonderful - this looks great against your wall!
Love the Donna Hay desert...

julie said...

So happy that you like my friend and thank you for your kind words and friendship.
The reason you desire something delicate and pretty is because its so you!!! Everything you create is delicate and pretty :)
Also love Sharis new polaroids..

cruststation said...

Oh fantastic, I love seeing bloggers displaying works of art from talented artists I admire. Love that wall brooch, what an interesting concept? Love love everything inc Shari's polaroids of course.

Janet said...

I.....can't.....wait for science of sleep too! The subtle pinks today are beeeeaaauuutiful! x

Jodie said...

I'd like to see The Science of Sleep for purely aesthetic reasons...Gael Garcia Bernal...Mmm...!!

Gigibird said...

Spring is in the air and I'm sure it's affecting all our blogs!
Isn't it great to receive parcels through the post? Especially when it's a surprise:)

kat heyes said...

I love that magazine - I just can't get my head around the fact that this recipe looks like a piece of handmade soap! the film looks amazing, the allotment i dream of, the polaroids beautiful...