02 February 2007


it's been so sunny + spring-like today in this part of the world....makes me feel happy!

having finished off a big wedding stationery project for some friends i've been pottering about this morning + decided to take a trip 3/4 mile down the road to our nearest town for some groceries....including chocolate for weekend-treat-baking later :)

i ventured into the antiques shop there to take a look at their vintage buttons. the owner saw me wearing my button necklace in the post office the other week + invited me to take a look in the shop next time i was passing....

....twelve 1930s green buttons came home with me today....so many lovely ones to chose from but i'm a sucker for anything green! i'm not sure where they'll end up but i am sure that i love love love them + i think i'll be back for more! (actually i think they may become posh fridge magnets as the colour looks so good in our kitchen....if they work out i think i'll do some sets for my etsy shop.)

baking update :: river cottage cookies :: have been baked + sampled by the baker...me! (with compusory afternoon tea of course!)

so the 1st february weekend's just around the corner....enjoy it whatever you're up to! x


cruststation said...

I love the look of those vintage buttons and that necklace is divine! It's been warm and sunny today, lovely for a stroll. I am in love with that tray of yours, the colour is drawing me in...

Gigibird said...

Green button fridge magnets - put my name down on the waiting list please?

My friend Julie hates buttons - there is something ovbiously wrong with her as I think they only ever bring happiness; with the one exception of course - when you can't do them up!!

julie said...

Your button necklace is gorgeous...and those green ones...Im so in love with green too (did you see Bughearts post?!)
Isnt the sun a great mood lifter - enjoy :)
very lovely - your blog always makes me smile!!xxx Have a lovely weekend!

shadowsandclouds said...

wonderful tree photo, great button necklace and scrummy looking biscuits! :) have a good weekend