03 March 2007


today we have both been baking


now this may not be a revolutionary statement to some readers
....but this is the 1st bit of baking my husband has ever done!

using a recipe scribbled for us by our lovely friend abi yesterday
at her cafe....a bakewell tart today was baked!

so it's a bit of a landmark day in our house

with 4 sisters it was always unlikely that my boy would
get stuck into much in his childhood kitchen
....yes i know that's not something i should assume
but it's the excuse i make up for him!

today he did a grand job
(tested with tea + given the thumbs up)

i made some shortbread....orange + cardamom

so lots of treats stocked here for 2 sweet tooths!



julie said...

mmmmmmm...i love bakewell tart and you cant get it here!! Maybe you could send your wonderful assistant over to me for a weekend...a grand job indeed!
the photos make them all the more tempting too xxx

bizelily said...

hi nesty and assistant,

I'm proud of you ciaran, your tart looks yum!!

love bizelily

rebecca said...

Bakewell tart and shortbread - yummy, wish I could pop round for tea!

Gigibird said...

I'm glad I'm sitting down for this bombshell;-)
I'm hoping that this is an activity that will happen again!

How many biscuits left??

cruststation said...

Delicious, that tart just look so professional, well done both of you!
Love the shortbread too, Mmmm :)

kelly said...

hello everyone!

yes...i can hardly believe it...manmade bakewell tastes all the more yummy :) the boy did good...thanks for all the sweet comments today!


shari said...

i have never heard of bakewell but tell c that it looks wonderful. your shortbread sounds fabulous. wish i could join both of you for some treats and guitar playing! xx