18 April 2007

100 :: FINISHED!

today i bought some of these
(treats for post 100)

ooo + i finished my headpiece!

(sorry...wednesday is messy hair day too!)

thank you so much to all of you who left comments for me last time round...it's great to get feedback on a creation in progress + gave me a confidence boost to complete it for today (i needed that deadline!) after umming + ahhing i did decide to dye the netting + i'm pleased with the result. i haven't really got any other white in my outfit so it looked a bit out of place. sparkles + buttons added after a sweet nod from rebecca + lynn. i didn't use the feathers in the end...they are the perfect colour but somehow seemed too much...a very small detail but a bit like a painting when it gets overworked (you've got to know when to put down your brush!)

i really enjoyed making this...i always had an idea in my mind of what i wanted it to look like before i really knew what i was going to wear + i'm pleased with how it turned out which is a bonus indeed : ) i've been dreaming up some others in different colour combinations based on lovely fabrics + buttons i have so roll on the next wedding invitation!

(click images to see more detail)

the bag is ready too

pretty simple
just big enough for my camera + lipstick + hanky + pennies

here are the shoes

(which i haven't learnt how to make yet!)

so we're off for a bit of a weekend away near manchester for the wedding which will be lovely...next job on my to do list is the card for the happy couple + wrapping the pressie! oh + a bit of fake tan on the legs of course ; ) fingers crossed for no rain on saturday!

i feel really touched hearing from you all + getting to hear your thoughts. i have lots more to run by you so watch this space!! until next time, x kelly.


rebecca said...

I take it all back - so pleased you did dye, it looks fabulous! (what dye did you use?)

Glad you like the button idea!

Ali said...

Happy 100th post!

You are going to be THE most stunningly accessorized wedding guest! Have a top weekend.

Chelsea said...

That is absolutely darling! Love the photos as well.

cruststation said...

Is it your 100th post? congrats! I love that headpiece, the bag and the shoes, you're going to look darling :)(can we see you in the whole outfit?) Nice of you to come to my part of the world for this wedding, it looks like it'll be sunny. Have a fabulous time!

Sarah said...

The headpiece looks great! Are they Tunnocks tea cakes? Yum! But they look different. New packaging?

kelly said...

in answer to a couple of questions...

the dye is a bit of a mix of dylon fabric paints (green + blue) tiny amounts with lots of water to get a light tone. once dry it's just ironed to set the dye ; )

+ on to the delight of tunnocks teacakes...indeed that's what they are! i had to buy them because they're new ones...dark chocolate!!

julie said...

Kelly happy 100th post!!!! You may actually steal the attention from the bride!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the bag you made and your shoes!!!!! - you certaintly will be the belle of the ball!!! Beautiful work xxx

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Kelly,

Absolutely LOVE your handmade, totally gorgeous accessories, you shall be the bell of the ball, you clever girl!
Glad to see a good old Scottish company getting a bit of PR, I shall have to go and find myself some of those dark choc Tunnocks T cakes, they look yum! Have you had a caramel log beofre, they are to die for!
Enjoy the wedding, lots of photos please!
L x
P.S. Have added you to my sidebar - definitely a fave. :o)

Gigibird said...

Wonderful, wonderful - and that's just the cakes;-)

You are going to look stunning - an earth bound Marina from Stingray with all those lovely greens and blues. Hope you both have a great time:)

Anonymous said...

You'll look tres chic and unique,have a great weekend x

leabertdot said...

You'll look tres chic and unique, have a great weekend x

leabertdot said...
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little special said...

Congrats on the 100th post - well done you!

Everything is looking great for the wedding. Glad you decided to dye the net, it's just perfect now + the buttons are a beautiful addition. Have a lovely weekend.

Oh, and Primrose Hill, i L.O.V.E, love a good old coconutty caramel log! Yum!

Kate said...

the colours you've used are beautiful!!

erin said...

happy 100!

i want your shoes. really they are so fabulous.

amandajean said...

love those shoes! so beautiful.
it looks like your entire outfit (bag included!!!) is going to be fab. Hope you have a great time at the wedding.

congrats on 100 posts!!!

donna said...

Love your headpiece, it's gorgeous!
Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm off to the shop to find dark chocolate Tunnocks teacakes...I've never seen them before! D x

Sarah Jayne said...

Hope there's room for confetti in the lovely bag.

Janice said...

Hi Kelly,
I meant to comment on the last post, but since this one includes the infamous dark chocolate Tunnocks (which I have yet to try), I'm glad I waited. The headpiece looks absolutely well-crafted and stellar!

Have fun at the wedding!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Thank you so much for the lavender bookmark (finally arrived after it's vacation)!! I LOVE IT!! You're a very talented artist!

bizelily said...

Well done Nesty,
You look fab in your outfit, have a wonderful wedding,

love bizelily xx

fanja said...

beautiful colours and accessories, enjoy the wedding!

mooi hoor... said...

Yes, dying was definitely the right decision. Great head piece! And the shoes! Oh...the shoes! They are my colour as well.


comfies said...

love the hat and bag you made, wonderful colors....especially with your hair color!

shari said...

happy 100 posts kelly! your blog is such an inspiration to me. what a beautiful color for your headpiece, bag and shoes. so so wonderful! i think you might like browsing the magar hatworks website. it is a cute milliner shop in charleston sc. xox
ps: have so much fun at the wedding!

Gigibird said...

I blame you completely Kelly - I have just bought some Tunnocks dark chocolate teacakes - and eaten 3:(

Sarah said...

Oh my, that's a really lovely headpiece, you should do a tutorial.

momo said...

Congratulation for the 100th post!

You will be sp @retty in green for sure.
Love the little bag!

Maditi said...

your headpiece is so very fabulous - charming with a touch of eccentricity :)
enjoy the wedding!!!

rebecca said...

You're famous!


Vintage to Victorian said...

I haven't been to see you for a while and missed your 100th post and the lovely 'hat' and bag and all the rest. I just hope we have the same weather for my daughter's wedding next weekend!

I just love those tulips and ranunculus. Fabulous colour - as was your accessories colour.