16 April 2007


join me for a cup of tea + slice of batternberg cake
...i need to pick your brains on wedding attire
+ show you a work in progress...

we are off to a wedding at the weekend
+ i'm making myself a headpiece

are you a hat person?
me? i like them

these are v nice!

here's what we're wearing
so i've gone for a mix of navy, green + turquoise
thinking i might just dye the piece of netting a pale turquoise or green
or should i leave it white?

well it's plain to see that i don't change...
here i am at the last minute making my outfit
(this is a lifelong habit!)

i have a bag to make too
so i'd better get off this teabreak + get making!!!

it's all just pinned for now but i'll report back with the finished articles
on wednesday (there...that gives me a deadline!)

(here's how it's looking with messy monday hair)

hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start!



rebecca said...

Love the colour combination!

I personally would leave the netting white but looking at your blog banner inspired me to think about sewing a few turquoise and green buttons on it? A bit avant garde I know but could look good!

cruststation said...

You're amazing to make your own headpiece. It looks great, colours are so very you :)(as Julie say, turquoise reminds her of you). 'Oh Joy!' wore one of the K.Autumn headpiece on her wedding too!

Sarah said...

Love the headpiece. The colours are great. Love your light fitting!

Jane said...

I would leave the netting white as it lifts the colours.
I inherited the "make it at the last minute" gene from my Mum - My going outoutfits have been a litany of tacking stitches and iron on hemming. You seem to be much more organised - you have days!

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,
You have plenty of time darling, just sit back and let the battenburg do the work,
love bizelily x

Ali said...

Sorry to go against the consensus, but I think dyeing it a pale turquoise would be fab.

kate said...

wow I'm blown away. It looks fantastic!

kat heyes said...

every time i get linked to your profile I think what similar tastes we have! I got married last year and the best dressed guest, the lovely rose, had a gorgeous fifties inspired dress and feather headdress. it was inspired - she looked so cool so I definitely think you're going the right way.
p.s. my own wedding dress was a make at the last minute - nothing changes!

little special said...

Hmmm, could definitely go some of that cake, just in time for morning coffee!

I'm with Ali on this one. i think because your lovely dress is dark, the white would be too stark a contrast, pale turquoise is the way to go for me!

Looking forward to seeing the finished articles, what shoes are you wearing?


Gigibird said...

well, I think the netting needs to be dyed BUT I guess it depends on if you have white anywhere else? What colours are your shoes and handbag?
If it's going to be very hot then white will be fine but I'd perfer pale turquoise with maybe some of your sparkly diamond things stuck on? so they catch the light?
If you keep it white the sparkle could still go on, and perhaps get some fine ribbon and weave through.
Lots of Love
Philip Tracy;-)

Jo said...

I would dye the white too as it is a bit stark, the hat is fab and I love the mix of colours.

julie said...

Kelly you are so amazing with your ideas and hands...and I LOVE that photo of you in the mirror!!!!!!! Beautiful! xxx

ambika said...

I wish we had the same tradition of wearing hats here in the states. I would love to sport something like this. Just lovely.