27 April 2007


can anyone tell me where this week has gone?

hmm...i have no idea...sometimes i'd like to press the pause button just to take things in for a minute...everything looks so beautiful right now...warm spring sunshine seems to be here to stay which is the best! a little round-up of my week then...

i have a bit of a purpley thing going on right now...maybe to do with the wedding we just went to where i made the stationery + carried their colour theme through to the card we gave with our gift (by the way we had a wonderful time last w'end...the new mr + mrs were super-happy...sunshine...new shoes but no blisters...lots of dancing + i kept my headpiece on until the wee hours!)

in the sitting room vase? tulips + ranunculus...each time i look at them they seem to have changed shape...fascinating...i did a little sketch + plan to develop some photos i've taken into a more stylized pattern which i might just try to print onto fabric? experimenting + enjoying it!

this is felix...our neighbour's cat who visits us at least 5 times a day...bosco is pretty laid back in his company...as you can see he's not afraid to make himself at home!

new patchwork all ready for a new creation

my coffee break enhanced by italian biscotti today
(brought back by my sweet parents from a whirlwind trip to florence)

+ as the weekend approaches we are planning to be out in the garden
:: painting the decking :: planting veggies :: birdwatching ::

have fun whatever you get up to! x


julie said...

hhmmm lovely purples - i love the card you made!!
Enjoy your weekend outside xxx

julie said...

oh blogger left off the best photos!!! Your drawings and the photo of the vase are fantastic!!!! xxx

rebecca said...

I am not normally a big fan of purple but there is a lot I love about your photos and sketches.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

shari said...

so much to love: your card, your sketches, the beautiful flowers and your weekend plans. so lovely each and every bit. xoxo

Sarah Jayne said...

I just love ranunculus - they look rather strange and beautiful. And your sketches are great.

Maditi said...

beautiful purple post :)

cruststation said...

Love purples, your sketches are wonderful and the card you made for the wedding is gorgeous! Lovely fabrics for the patchwork project too, can't wait to see what you make. Enjoy the sunshine!

Susannah said...

such gorgeous colours! thanks for the inspiration :-)