13 April 2007


the last day of colour week
...thank you so much for kicking it all off julie!

i've really enjoyed it...sometimes i thrive on a bit of direction : )
+ it's been so lovely to see everyone's interpretations each day

...lots of new faces + blogs...

thank you to all who've left me comments over the week
it's been great to hear from you + pay a visit to where you 'live'!

hmmm...i've decided that i'm going to keep up my colour file of photos
i feel like my eyes have become tuned in again this week
+ i've rekindled a love of certain shades

here's 2 favourite artworks of mine whilst we're on the subject of red

on the road to thoiry (1970)
by peter knapp (swiss photographer, born 1931)

something about this takes me back to being a child
feeling happy + secure...a nostalgic image

oil on canvas 1988
by gerhard richter (german artist, born 1932)

this is just so beautiful
the light
the pattern
how i'd love to see the original

one last link...le ballon rouge
see a clip here

happy friday!


julie said...

Hi lovely Kelly, thanks you so much for your beautiful pictures all week - including today!!
We have a big red bouncy ball just like that and i love 'Betty'!!!

see you later..xxx

Village Vegan said...

I haven't commented on all your posts, but I've really enjoyed reading about 'Colour week'. The pictures have all been lovely, lovely. I love the way projects like these make you go out of your way to look for the litle details that are so often overlooked.

kat said...

Great end to a fun series.
Thanks for sharing. Terrific photos.

Gigibird said...

I have really enjoyed seeing what you'd be posting each day:)

Colour excites me so much so I think you will have to do a white post so I can calm down a bit.

Sarah said...

Yay, red shoes! Did you see all of The Wendy House's shoes?

Your pictures are great.

little special said...

It's been great to see your interpretations of colour all week, thanks for all the fab photos! I'm definitly inspired to join in with the next one - hope it's soon! xx

Di said...

Love the red boots - so many people seem to have red shoes - I think I'll need to get some!

thank you also for sharing the photo with the girl on the space hopper! As a young child (many years ago) I had a space hopper and the ubiquitous bad tempered old lady across the road used to shout at me to stop riding my space hopper on the pavement (sidewalk), I wasn't sure if at the age of 5 I should be hopping down the road but now I see it would have been a good thing!

alex said...

Nice!! Love the little red ribbon on white curtains. And the photo of the red ball is completely wonderful! So happy to have been able to visit.

Jessica said...

Great photos you have posted on this lovely day of red!

That Gerard Richter is one of my favorite paintings so I am happy to see you posted about it.!!

jodie said...

Red red red..my favourite colour by a mile.
I'm so glad you watched and loved 12 Angry Men. It's one of my top 10 and I'm so happy when others embrace it too! (Man, I really need to get back in the swing of things and do another Film Friday). And thanks for the tip about Borders..I will have to make a special visit up to Lakeside at some point.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for coming over for a visit! Loving red day, it's my favourite colour at the moment, I'm using lots of it in my work just now!
L x

cruststation said...

Love your red shoes! The links are great too, very fun-filled space hopper by Peter knapp and Gerhard Richter's painting is just amazing and very realistic! Thank you.

amandajean said...

oooh, that bottom piece of art is absolutely lovely!

shari said...

love your red photos. i love "betty" as well. i'm so behind on reading blog posts and am trying to catch up. sending a hug!