02 May 2007


(just a little goodbye)

i'm off for a weeks holiday in spain with
my mum
my aunt rosemary
my cousin victoria

don't worry...bosco has been left to keep c company!

back shortly with tales to tell

p.s. happy birthday to my lovely mum!


Primrose Hill said...

Ooh, have a lovely holiday, bring back lots of lovely photos!
Those cakes look yummy!
Have tagged you for a thinking blogger award ;o)
L x

shari said...

i love this photo of bosco. so cute. hope you have a delightful trip to spain. hooray for vacations. please wish your mom a very happy birthday! xo

erin said...

enjoy your trip! safe travels.

julie said...

Enjoy your trip with the girls!!! Sounds fab...
And lovely birthday photo...happy birthday to you Mum!!xxx

little special said...

have a wonderful holiday, you lucky thing!

happy birthday to your mum too!

cruststation said...

Happy Birthday to your mum, what a lovely way to display cupcakes. Enjoy your holiday in Spain, it is indeed an adorable photo :)

rebecca said...

Have a lovely holiday and happy birthday to you Mum!

Gigibird said...

Have a lovely time:)