13 May 2007


i'm home

it's rainy here today + what better excuse than to stay indoors?

unashamedly i have eaten a breakfast of lots of coffee + toast
(with lime curd made yesterday)

this afternoon?
i'm going to light the fire
watch an old film
read the papers
snuggle on the sofa with c + b
listen to new guitar tunes
sing songs we heard at a concert last night
eat a buttery herbed roast chicken
enjoy the comforts of home

back to work
+ back here
with tales of my holiday



Ali said...

That's a beautiful dish for your yum sounding lime curd.

shari said...

your day sounds perfect. hope you enjoy it. i made lemon curd not too long ago but now i must try lime! xo

julie said...

welcome home sweets, hope you enjoyed your holiday - looking forward to hearing about it!!!

What a lovely sunday...lime curd..mmmm :) xx

cruststation said...

Relaxing at home with the fire sounds nice (is it really that cold over there?) Can't wait to see pictures of your holiday. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

Sarah said...

yay you are back! Your Sunday sounds perfect. Looking forward to hearing about your holiday.

Gigibird said...

Glad your back home safe - I've missed you:)
Lime curd......you tease
Hope you have lovely brown legs now?