26 June 2007


hello from a chilly england
(where has our summer gone?!)

a full day working at the post office for me
a quiet shift without many customers
+ time to dream of lovely things

france on my mind for some reason...
looking forward to watching this film
...making a mental note to take my mum out
to eat la duree macaroons sometime soon
...how i love these childrens clothes so
+ remembering alodie day's blog that i stumbled on recently
(such a beautiful name)

wishing it would get a little sunnier...bosco in the flower bed


Gigibird said...

you stay away and make us worry, then you are back and there's no stopping you:)I fancy a few days in France as long as I get my Cite Europe fix on my way home.
Quiet day in the Post Office? Must have been the rain keeping everyone inside.
Bosco looks like he's in a naughty mood.

Tamara said...

My folks live in England and said it was a freezing day. I just saw that film - beautiful. So many goregous stories.

adolie day said...

Thanks for the link!
photo are beautiful


Sarah said...

I want to see Paris Je t'aime too but I hadn't actually seen the preview and now I definitely want to see it. I love that song that was playing too.
I love that you work in a Post Office. Very cool.

bizelily said...

hi nesty,
your mum likes the sound of that outing!!
love bizelily xx

julie said...

lovely photos...one wouldnt know it wasnt so sunny in england right now :)

Love your dreamy thoughts...

Azma said...

post office, lovely flowers, cat hiding in the leaves.. it all sounds very cosy..

cruststation said...

I love the children fashion link, how I wish they do adult sizes too. I do wish we have summer soon!