28 June 2007


this is what i've been up to on my day off work
(a spot of furniture-tarting-up)
in dulux eggshell shade willow creek 2

as i was happily painting away i was thinking of how my love of colour has grown all the more since i started this blog. i've been hugely inspired by other people's use of colour...see here + here + here...plus i've really immersed myself in it as a subject on several occasions e.g. joining in julie's colour week and marta's mellow + yellow swap.

looking back i think i always surrounded myself with/wore/used some colour day to day...steering clear of darker shades + black...but recently i'm embracing colour all the more...it lifts my mood no end. when we moved into our house the walls pretty much all got painted white (along with a lot of bits of furniture too which became a bit of a joke to my husband) but slowly there's been an injection of colour into each room. there's still a whole lot more i'd like to do but i'm glad i held back + waited for each corner to speak out as to what shade it needed to be. hope everyone's having a good week...the sunshine has been peeking out today here : )


Ali said...

I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. I feel less scared of colour now than a year ago, when my preference seemed to be bland is beautiful.

Gigibird said...

Colour cetianly does lift the spirits or can depress them. In our old house our bedroom was F&B String -I hated it.
Your chest of drawers looks wonderful.
Do you have any paint left over? What's next??

julie said...

oh it turned out beautiful Kelly!!!
And i think its such a good idea to wait when moving into a new home and see what the rooms feel like after living in them..

Have a lovely weekend xxxx

Nonnie said...

Oh I love that shade of green. I've been looking for a similar shade myself having suddenly become quite attracted to green having never liked it much before. I think you're so right painting everything white to start with before decided what colours to inject into rooms. Our flat is rented and everywhere is horrible magnolia. I long for some colour on the walls!

Jessica said...

I love this color, this definitely makes the furniture a lot more cheery.

Tracy said...

your pictures lift my spirits every time i pop by - thank you x
tracy x

jessica daisy said...

love the colour, nice phone too!!

bizelily said...

hi nesty
very nice transformation, you really are an inspiration!
love bizelily xx

janet clare said...

Great colour especially with the pink phone! I've got a tablecloth tucked away and I've been thinking 'skirt' too - but will it still look like a tablecloth? But obviously it doesn't - so I might just do it too!