27 July 2007


nigella's strawberry meringue cake
from forever summer

this is becoming an annual bake for our visitors from ireland
+ was specially requested again this year

marian + louis are staying with us for the weekend then we are all heading off on holiday together to sardinia...for warmer days + much needed sunshine. so i'll not be posting for a little while but with lots to look forward to over the next week or so i shall return with tales + photos!

we are all off to my friend abi's cafe tomorrow night for her birthday party. games to be played + lots of scrumptious food will be scoffed. i made her this handbag + have an idea that i'll make a few more on my return as my poor etsy shop has been well + truly neglected of late : )


+ inside

wishing everyone out there a great weekend!

until august...xxx


ali said...

I adore the new tote, Kelly! It's darling.

Hope you have a nice holiday. I'm excited to see your photos.

bizelily said...

Hi nesty

Abi will love the bag it's so cute, but what about that cake ...Yum!! Have a fantastic holiday, love bizelily xx

rebecca said...

Save me a slice - I'm coming round now!

Love the bag too.

shari said...

brilliant cake and handbag. :) enjoy your trip. xo

Gigibird said...

I have just tried to put some life into my Etsy shop....what have you got to lose? it's so much quicker and easier to upload items now. I am amazed at what some sell.....
That cake looks marvellous Kelly.
What time is tea?

cruststation said...

MMmm that's strawberry meringue cake look delicious! Lovely cute handbag, enjoy your holiday in sardinia, indeed, much sunshine is needed, have fun!

jessica daisy said...

Hi Kelly, Congratuations on winning the pay it forward giveaway, please email your name and address to jessica_d_wright@hotmail.com, so I can send you your gift when I've made it.
Hope you have a lovely holiday, and that you come back felling fresh and full of new inspiration.
P.S. The cake looks gorgeous, and the little bag is so cute!

belleandboo said...

mmmmmmmmmmm I am SO hungry right now, what a delicious looking cake and bag.
Have a lovely holiday, hope there is some sun
Mandy x

PresentPast Collection said...

Oh, yummy! That cake looks scrumptious! And such a delicious photo too!

Catherine said...

ooh that is the best looking cake!
and I love the glass stand. Have a lovely holiday.

Janet said...

Oh my, I think I may have dribbled, looks gorgeous, lucky friends, and lucky you going for some lovely sun, enjoy lovely girl, bye for now xxx

Jessica said...

i'm drooling!

julie said...

Hello lovely kelly,
So wish you could have been at the meet up!!
I hope you enjoyed your trip and from the pics it looks like you did!
I lOVE this bag of yours!!! Defanitely more!! xxx

ambika said...

That cake is so evil in it's tempting-ness.

And the tote is adorable.