12 July 2007


red sky at night
just caught on my way home

sounds silly
but it's the kind of thing
i thought i'd like to share with my blog friends


shari said...

hi kelly.
it doesn't sound silly at all. this is such a beautiful view. xo

bizelily said...

hi nesty

i hope that red sky does exactly what it says on the can!!
love bizelily xx

cruststation said...

A very beautiful scene, thank you for sharing (agree with shari, not silly at all)!

Annie's Abode said...

Not silly at all - from my experience it is something fellow bloggers would appreciate and enjoy, so thank you.

Been reading your blog for a while and I love it.


Gigibird said...

Red sky at Night Shepherdess'delight:)
I will be sharing my pond lily tomorrow.....
Stop being so sweet!

Liz said...

love the swoopy-ness of the road and the clouds, gorgeous!

julie said...

mmm so calm - lovely!! You can share these with me any day :) xxx