09 July 2007


a july day?

funny weather around our part of the world
a.m. blue skies + sunshine...p.m. hailstones!

in the garden

a delicate sweet pea that smells like a dream
tall frilly hollyhocks

so i'm lucky to have an outside flower inside

a rose cut today to keep on my desk
"the generous gardener"

truly beautiful

happy monday!


Gigibird said...

those hollyhocks are gorgeous. They are one of my favourite flowers.....apparently they used to be used as a cut flowers buy florists in the 30's but because they suffer from rust they fell out of favour.

cruststation said...

Your flowers look so perfectly formed, absolutely stunning! I'm glad they still grow so beautifully when there's rain and hail outside.

jessica daisy said...

I love those hollyhocks, they're so pretty, do you know what they are called?

julie said...

So pretty - i love the frilly one!!! xxx

shari said...

such beautiful, beautiful flowers!

jo said...

they are so pretty! this week i´ve been having trouble with names of flowers translation... i definitly need to get me an english/spanish, spanish/english flower dictionary!