03 September 2007


yay! today i got my swap parcel!

what's inside? a lovely original hazeljoy collage card...muji pens...lots of gorgeous print + colour papers...good old pritt...a sweet pair of scissors (which have been on my shopping list for ages!)...best of all a fantastic applique felt carry case which has been handmade by hazel : )

yes my friends...i am 32 + not ashamed to say that stationery gives me a big a buzz as it did when i was 7...writing with a new pen for the 1st time? how good is that?! on a fresh sheet of paper? even better!

so today i feel well + truly spoiled with the goodies that hazel picked out for me. the tools of her trade to be exact...everything needed to create collage which is very much her speciality. i've got to know a bit about hazel through her blog + she has a wonderful talent for pattern...i'm in awe of the pieces she's made like these cushions. she's a design technology teacher (so she really will be back to school this week) + must be surrounded by all sorts of stationery goodness...sounds like a dream job!

thank you hazel for putting together my parcel...it's made my monday a very happy one!

+ thanks to marta too for organising another great swap...you can see the parcels over at her flickr group.

here's a peek of what i sent to hazel.


Di said...

I am a stationery fiend too! I love buying cards, pens etc. The parcel you received is lovely!!

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

I'm dead jealous of the lovely goodies in your parcel, what a great selection for the start of a new season/month/term!

love bizelily xx

Gigibird said...

I was only looking at Hazel's work the other day thinking how does she cut so accurately!
Your parcel looks great. I hope it gives you lots of fun:)

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Ditto on the stationary fiendness!

cruststation said...

I love stationery, can never get enough (especially adore cute Japanese/Korean style). What a great swap partner too, beautiful cushions.