07 September 2007


as promised i got down to some stitching this week...

...a scarf for late summer + heading into autumn

vintage floral print cotton with linens + a few french knots

i'm calling her elsie +
she's for sale over here today
along with a couple of other pieces

so it's another friday
how quickly these days fly by!

good things from the week...

foot watch!
here's my battered babouches...loving these step hop skip
abigail's paris (charmant)
toast wallpaper for my computer
lemon drizzle loaf in the oven right now (nigel of course!)
a date at the pictures tonight with my c (atonement or 2 days in paris?)
swap delights from hazel
hearing from my good friend fee + making plans to meet up in london

...signing off now + jumping into the weekend! x

p.s. thank you for the slipper love! a fun gift from my friend who bought them in america


Gigibird said...

About time! (getting some more things on Etsy)
Have a lovely weekend Kelly.
The Elsie range is greata;)

julie said...

Lovely ..all so lovely. Your styling photos are always so good and so are your links :)

Have a lovely weekend..
did you not get my email again?


shari said...

the scarf is so wonderful kelly. i agree with julie. love your styling. hope you have a nice weekend. enjoy that cake! xo

Chelsea said...

Ooh. I love all these items, especially the scarf.

cd&m said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned.

cruststation said...

I love everything in your etsy shop, the styling / beautiful photographs. The corsages are lovely (does it come with the white jacket?) The scarf is oh so-trendy LOVE!

marsha said...

mmmmm i also love nigel slater (thanks to shari!). how was the cake?

love your scarf!

Primrose Hill said...

Loving your new Etsy creations. Hope you had a good weekend.

L x

ali said...

Everything is absolutely beautiful Kelly, as usual. Keep up the good work; I love to admire your creations + finds.

Jessica said...

What a beautiful blog with beautiful crafts! I will be back! :)