03 October 2007


i can't tell you how excited i was to get my post this morning

a grey + drizzly morning was forgotten about as i had this package to open

which i did very very slowly
(such lovely wrapping)

i've been dreaming of treating myself to something made by abigail for a long time + since i made an etsy sale of my own last week i thought i'd celebrate by heading over to her shop...her pieces are truly beautiful + i love her latest simple styles...when i see a new post of hers pop up in my bloglines i always know i'll get a hit of inspiration!

so without further ado i put on my new earrings + ring + baked gingerbread

with a bit of lemon icing

tested + given the ok by my grandma + grandad c + me!

other happy news from my part of the world...the magazine came out this week here with an article on my mum + me + our little business. we're really pleased with it + hope the coverage will bring us some new orders In the run up to christmas. which makes me think i really should get a head start on making some gifts for my loved ones (like this pinny) time to start a list!


j said...

That's your MOTHER? Well, that's where you got your good looks, that's for sure.

all my best wishes on your business.

your new things are all beautiful: earrings, ring, and pinny!

vintage twist said...

Congrats on the publicity, now could I sample that cake? Please, pretty please...

shari said...

congrats on the magazine feature. love your jewelry from sweet a and you have totally inspired me to make a ginger cake. xo

Abigail said...

Congrats on the magazine my dear...so wonderful!

Big smile for the rest - so glad you like, xox

Carolyn said...

Love your things - what a tallent...stopped by as I had ginger cake on my google alert...although I had actually found a recipe. This one iced looks nice

How exciting being published too

Gigibird said...

You have pipped me to the post with your ginger cake!
I shall still make mine and we can compare recipes:)

Janet said...

Congrats on the article, its looks great. Your Mama is beautiful! Mmmm, would love a slice of that cake with you. x

cruststation said...

Congrats on your budding business, and being featured in a magazine, how exciting! Hooray for treats in the post, and more crafty goodness (really love the pinny)!!

julie said...

oh wow wow..so much happiness over here - your article looks wonderful - will read it later :)and lots of beauty in the form of jewellery and lemon gingerbread - YUM!
Cant wait to chat with you xxx

ali said...

Way to go Kelly! The magazine spread looks fabulous. So does the pinny. And the gingerbread. :)