07 October 2007


weekends go too quick!

i'm holding on tight to sunday evening as it turns into sunday night...

we've had a lovely one though
spending an evening with my aunt + uncle
chatter :: laughter :: delicious dinner
(rosemary...you're the best cook!)

today i bought some felt to make some new bookmarks
trying to ignore the christmas decorations as i browsed

ciaran had a guitar lesson + so
i took a little time...very little infact...to make a lazy crumble
feeling all girl-guidey as i found some prepared topping in the freezer.

i love how i had all the components for a scrummy dessert here in the house. normally i find myself having to go out to get what i've taken a notion to cook on a sunday. this time we'd been given some apples from friends so that got the ball rolling...sometimes i'm too quick to go out to the shops + i think i'm going to try + be a bit more resourceful with what's already in the cupboards/freezer. weekend time speeds along fast enough + spending it in a supermarket queue is something i'm going to aim to cut out for 2 precious days...i can but try : )

i had fun chatting to julie today on instant messenger
(my first go...yes i'm a very late starter!)
how amazing to make that spontaneous contact across the world

+ to my delight the return of strictly come dancing on telly
...a special place in my heart for ballroom + latin dancing
thinking back to my days surrounded with sparkles
(how could working with anton amongst others be anything but a happy memory!)

a new week about to start
some new plans + projects too
see you back here for more


cruststation said...

:) Happy you are discovering the wonders of instant messenger chats around the world. Your weekend sounds wonderful with great food and time with family + delicious looking dessert! Looking forward to crafty stuff in your shop and new projects.

julie said...

I loved our first chat today - looking forward to more :) and i was right about wanting some of your crumble :)

I love the idea of smelly bookmarks - it also gives the inside of your bag a nice scent too xxx

p.s thanks for the article and words

Gigibird said...

Most times when I make crumble topping I usually end up making too much so always freeze the left over which is great for a great quick pud.
I made one with bread crums the other day....very interesting results.

Primrose Hill said...

Sundays in Auntumn must be crumble day, I made one too! :)
From Sarah Ravens fab new cook book, very yummy! Just scoffed the left overs tonight!

L x