26 November 2007


a few seasonal projects...

decorating this mask for my cousin vicky
for her work's christmas-do

i have my party feet sorted for our family party where we 'll be doing a lot of dancing : ) i'm also shocked to report that i have made my frock already (this is so not me...i normally leave it 'til the night before!) it's aubergine velvet + doesn't really photograph well in the dark...so when i get some light i'll be proud to show it off...just need to make myself a dressing up cuff or maybe a little headpiece to glam it all up.

speaking of which...there's a few new sparkly things in my shop for the season.

hoping that all of your weeks are off to a good start. i'm full time at the post office this week but have lots of evening craftiness to look forward to...off now to make a start on a design for our christmas card!


cruststation said...

I love how well the cuffs go with your outfits. The Christmas projects look like a lot of fun, can't wait to see your party dress.

shari said...

those cuffs are so lovely. everyone needs a little sparkle, don't you think? xox