27 November 2007


i'm working full-time at the post office this week
+ it's starting to get busy

busy means queues + queues can mean a few people being a little on the grumpy side...but there's also nice things that happen + here's a few that made me smile today...

i see a lot of dark colours + a lot of fleece in the line but today i served an elderly gentleman in an outfit which sung out style. i'm not sure if his wonderful colour co-ordination was intentional...but it certainly made my day...his 3 piece wool suit was sage green...with a carmine shirt + a paisley patterned claret tie. special.

i had 2 letters to send off to santa c/o the north pole too...so sweet!

sticking a stamp on a beautifully scripted envelope + making sure to voice my appreciation which always takes the person by suprise but i genuinely admire the gift of lovely handwriting + it's quite rare to see nowadays.

oh + a mr gordon bennett came in to pay his phone bill : )


hazeljoy said...

gordon bennett - gets me every time. i remember a gary bennett at primary school. we used to sing out his name instead of gordon, drove him mad.

French Knots said...

My husband went to school with a poor lad called Gordon Bennet.
Mr Smart looks very dapper.

jessica daisy said...

I love the drawing of mr.smart, very dapper.
Ella posted off her letter to father christmas this morning, I've been using the the line "Father Christmas, won't bring you any presents if your not a good girl" all week :)
Did you manage to hide a smile when you say Mr bennett's name on the bill?

shari said...

i love how cheery you sound...finding little beautiful bits in your work day. i have been dreading work today but now, my goal is to find three beautiful things there tomorrow. thank you kelly! xox

Gigibird said...

Stella and I often say how badly dressed people are these days so I do think well dressed folk do stand out!
There is a lady around here who is so coordinated in a very old fashioned way including gloves - Harry and I love her.

Blaze said...

Love the sketch! He looks very handsome indeed!

Babelfish said...

It's lovely to see you taking in details from your working day. Thank you for sharing a drawing of 'mr smart', I'm sure if he ever finds out you did this, he'd be blushing :)