11 December 2007


at the end of our day trip to london last week me + my mum made a little visit to the v+a where we came upon a small exhibition called out of the ordinary: spectacular craft

just a handful of pieces...i felt drawn to the simplicity of some of the works there + inspired in particular by these artists

what we thought at first was ordinary work equipment left in the corner...but on taking a second look revealed a beautiful use of mother of pearl inlay. rawlplugs made of diamonds + gold. paint splatterings hand embroidered on to dust sheets.

catherine bertola
these patterns are so delicate + unbelievably some are created in dust. i love the super subtle colours...haunting.

speaking of his own work "there are no goals as such, just that i can make it better next time" i love this quote. his amazingly realistic wood carvings appear from unexpected places. we saw the most divine magnolia growing from a pristine white gallery wall.

this feels like a strange post for me. it's so rare that i go to any exhibitions these days. this one made me think i should go to more + to explore a bit more what's out there. i'm feeling a resolutions list taking shape for 2008 already!


Gigibird said...

I share your wish to see more but life always seems to get in the way....it's lovely that you and your mum had such a lovely day out:)

julie said...

Thats so funny that we both posted about exhibitions!!! I LOVE the link to catherine bertola - thank you!! I miss visits to the v&a.. xxx

Di said...
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Di said...

I thought that the dust sculptures were spectacular = particularly that it was dust collected in the V&A. There was another of her piece's in the China/Japan section which was also spectacular!

Babelfish said...

Catherine's work is stunning, I want that wallpaper.