10 December 2007


i have had more than a little help in getting our house in festive spirit...my very talented mum has made us this door hanging + beautiful table decoration (which looks lovely at night with the candle glowing) she makes these for family + friends as well as to sell at a market for the flower club she belongs to. using greenery + dried hydrangeas from her garden. how lucky are we?

so whilst my christmas fairy has been working her magic...we (yes me + c) made 3 dozen mince pies today...having made a load of suet-free mincemeat at the weekend...more dozens to be baked + scoffed over the next few weeks...maybe a frangipane version next batch?

oh...heard my 1st christmas song on the radio today too!
happy monday xxx


Two Crofters said...

beautiful pictures of beautiful things x
love your new banner - it has made me feel like a mince pie and a cup of tea!
thank you for the bookmark - it is going to be soooo hard to give it away!
tracy x

Gigibird said...

What a talented mother you have:) That's where you must get your creative streak from perhaps?

Mince pies....homemade are a must.

shari said...

ooh! i love your header. your house is looking so festive. in the states we have stations that play xmas music non stop starting on thanksgiving! i'm a little tired of them already. 'tis a shame. xox

Babelfish said...

Love the door hanging and table decoration! Wow, and making your own mince pies? looks wonderful (what a great team you all make)