16 January 2008


5 reasons to be cheerful

thinking it was actually 4.30pm when i took this
the days are definitely getting longer : )

buying ingredients to try out a new recipe courtesy of abigail

finding this website
...falling in love with kate's sketchbook
+ buying something from her shop
for 2 special people who have a birthday this week

getting the new boden catalogue in the post
great colours like sulphur : rouge : grass : thistle
oh + these cute print bookmarks that i'm using for my wishlist!

downloading some new free fonts
loving ecolier : 3rd man + a la nage

happy wednesday!

p.s. thanks for the comments on my print play too...
i shall report back with further fabric progress
right now it's taken on the form of a postcard


amandajean said...

hurray for the days getting longer! I love that. :)

ambika said...

What a lovely picture--really makes me want a cup of tea.

I noticed it was *almost* still light out at 5 when I got home last night. It really made me happy.

Gigibird said...

You are in such a creative groove Kelly:)
Now fonts.....a bit of a passion of mine....do you know there are books full of fonts?

julie said...

Great happy vibes over here with loads going on!! Thanks for helping out of the cave this morning :) xxx

Babelfish said...

Ah, I've got to order the Boden catalogue.
Loving your print bookmarks, where can I get some?

Florence said...

I too was thrilled by both the page markers and also the Sulphur coloured 'Chic textured cardigan' which is top of my Boden wishlist - I love that colour, just not quite sure what skin tone is required to wear it! It could so easily go either way! x