20 January 2008


i can't quite settle with my template
(as you might have guessed!)

i'm still adjusting
but for now have settled on a new arrangement
going back to a once-liked formula

this year i joined a flickr group
project 365
where i'm posting a photo a day
that'll be 366 this year then
here's a couple of my january contributions

i'm noticing how muted all the colours are
which i suppose is down to the winter light here
next week i'm looking forward to seeing more winter whites
over at the glass doorknob + all around


AnnieB said...

I am a template rearrangement addict too! also notice my photos are very muted at the moment - I quite likeit actually. Am doing P365(6) too, but haven't joined the flickr group as I didn't start on Jan 1 so it's a kind of spin off private version. I'm blogging them randomly.
I like yours

Florence said...

I love that the colours are muted - that's my favourite kind of colour palette! I particularly love the photo of the tabby drinking from the bath tap! x

Gigibird said...

Why is it you are always writing what I am thinking?
The template choice on Blogger is very lacking but I don't think typepad is a lot better.
What I think would help would be a better choice of fonts.
Your page always looks lovely.

Janet said...

I like this colour combination on todays blog a lot. I also LOVE our skirt! xx

cruststation said...

I love your header (I have been experimenting with templates too, but it's difficult to change when you're used to a particular look). Beautiful photographs, looking forward to following your daily pics.

ali said...

oh, i can't wait to see the goodness that results from your participation in the 365 project. i love to glimpse into your life. it looks and sounds wonderful, with your touch.

dandelion said...

love the mugs photo..x