23 January 2008


a little contribution to shari's winter whites week
at the glass doorknob
an old fake fur jacket that my dad bought my mum years back

a bit grubby...but it warms my heart to think of how beautiful my mum must have looked in it...feeling totally glamourous i'm sure...for years it has lurked in dressing up boxes various but i took advantage of it for a winter party outfit just before christmas.

lots of wonderful photos around as part of this project. i love this this + this.


cruststation said...

This photo reminds me of Narnia, snow queen.
The wall + jacket + hanger = swoon!

julie said...

LOVE your white image - its fab!! And your choices are great too.
I havent gotten round to white week yet..hugs xx

Florence said...

What a fantastic coat - so luxurious (and agree with crustation...very Snow Queen). I also particularly love the photo in the first of the three links...such a gorgeous grainyness.

I've nominated you for 7 weird things on my blog by the way...if you want to accept.


shari said...

ha. i was going to write a jacket fit for a snow queen but i see that babelfish beat me to it. :) lovely winter white. xox

j said...

lovely photo and sweet story

gracia said...

Winter white loveliness... if I peer a little closer perhaps I wont notice how warm & sunny it is here.
cheers, gracia

jessica daisy said...

Lovely jacket, I bet it kept you nice and cosy on your night out.
Isn't it lovely being able to snaffle your mum's stuff!

Leslie said...

What a sweet and wonderful story about your mum's jacket. I LOVE this! Thanks for linking to the photo of my little shoes for Judy.

eb said...

what a great image and story - yes Narnia...

xox - eb.

mollycupcakes said...

Just gorgeous!
It looks so warm and cosy.

Catherine x