05 March 2008


thank you for all the lovely comments on the last post...i did feel frozen once or twice lately but have thawed out nicely. i think the chilly weather put me into hibernation mode : )

since my unplanned absence i am now sat looking at a blank screen thinking "how/what to come back with?"...for today it's just a few things i've done/seen/liked over the past week or so.

got all excited at the arrival of a new nephew (little noel)

bought a new blue fridge
ate ham cooked in cola (trashy i know but so good!)
for mother's day
i like this top from tulip + nettle
(the blue gingham has a spring vibe no?)

listened to this by the whitest boy alive in my car
...a good driving song

covered a mini-mannequin
in bits of cath kidston catalogue for my mum
fell in love with fanja's lumi dolls

i've also been happy to see jodie posting again over at vintage film...go see this beauty of a dress on her blog along with some wonderful polaroids...she's going to share some of her collection of vintage clothing over the next few weeks + i plan to join in to show mine too : )

my list of new blog posts to read is bursting at the seams. everyone is being good. i have been bad + have also neglected my 366 project on flickr...it needs a serious update! oh well...tomorrow is another day. xxx

blogging about a fridge? a case of from the sublime (baby noel) to the ridiculous i know! but the colour does make me smile when i see it standing in our kitchen + it's so good not to have to go outside to fetch the milk in every time we make a cup of tea!


jessica daisy said...

Baby Noel is scrummie! I think you are allowed to blog about a fridge, especially when it is that colour! Is it a smeg?

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

How busy you have been! Baby Noel has obviously got a secret by the look on his face, he's delicious!Thank you so much for my lovely mannequin, I love it.
love bizelily x

mollycupcakes said...

Welcome to the world baby Noel, your a real cutie.

Loving the fridge, just a gorgeous colour.

Good to have you back honey, I so enjoy all the photos on you posts.
Very up lifting.


Catherine x

Anonymous said...

you're so flippin boring kelly - blogging about a fridge?! ;) xx
and that boy has the most content little look on his face. what a cutie.

Gigibird said...

Gingham.....I'm sure you will look fantastic in it.....I would look like a big tablecloth!
Your fridge excites me in ways that I find disturbing......I want one:)

julie said...

A super come-back post!! Beautiful little Noel and your beautiful fridge which is definately worth posting about! xxx

babelfish said...

Your list of links is so so good, loving the colour of your fridge, the lumi dolls, anything gingham and the beautiful 'vintage film' link (great work on the mannequin). Congrats on your adorable nephew.

Rebecca said...

Hey that blue fridge is fantastic! I would be blogging about my fridge too if it was that schnazzy!! ;) Noel is gorgeous, congratulations on being an Aunty! :)

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh what a sweetie Noel is, too cute! And how adorable that fridge is, I love the colour!
Love Alison x

Joanna Goddard said...

what a lovely little boy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new nephew! He is gorgeous!

yumyum biscotti!

Jodie said...

Hey kelly, have been off the net for a while and just come on and read your post..thanks! I PROMISE I will get the vintage pics done soon! x

Gaia said...

wow! I just discovered your blog. Love your 366 day project on etsy,so many beautiful pictures there...
The mannequin looks great and so does baby Noel :D