21 September 2006


a satisfying line of dusters out to dry in the autumn sunshine

it also reminds me that I want to recommend the film
little miss sunshine
I don't think I've laughed out loud so much in a cinema before....go see it everyone!!


julie said...

What a gorgeous photo!!!! So warm and autumnal...
and thanks for the film recommendation!!
Have a great weekend xx

kelly said...

you have made the simple duster look beautiful! lovely pic.

Shari said...

hi there!

i love this photo. beautiful yellow...think i can smell the fresh air.

i've been wanting to see the film you recommended so now i'll make it a point to go!

ps:thanks for the email today. can't wait to browse the links. :)

Gigibird said...

I love the duster photo - I like photos of ordinary things made to look extraordinary.