22 September 2006


It's rained here all day today....so I stayed indoors & did some making. I put these piles of fabrics together for future quilt projects....I've got so much fabric that I've collected over the years plus a load of vintage lace & ribbons so some good materials to work with which is where it all starts inspiration-wise for me.

I thought I'd try out a couple of little projects to stock in my etsy shop. The key fob is padded, filled with dried lavender from my garden & has a nice vintage button & Swarovski crystals. I love these browns & turquoises together....

back & front

My other creation is this lavender scented charm....I imagine it hanging in my car (good for radiating some calm in traffic jams!) By the way that's not my car in the photo!! But my dream car....I see these Figaros all over the place these days as they're on my radar....I'm not really a car-mad person but these are so so sweet, v 50s, v retro (Wayne Hemingway drives one) made in Japan & totally impractical but maybe one day I'll trade up from my old £400 metro??! This particular one was parked outside Ark, one of my favourite shops in Cambridge.

So all in all I'm pretty pleased with what I got up to today....now I just need to get these up on etsy & make a link on my blog. That'll have to wait until tomorrow though....Friday evening & I'm off to spend time with C & B. Have a lovely weekend everyone! x


Shari said...

hi kelly,

that car is a dream! love your key fobs...especially that they are filled with lavendar from your garden. :) hope you enjoy your weekend. xo shari

julie said...

Kelly, these are so lovely..very organic looking. Love the fabric and colours and lavendar.
Have a great weekend and thank you for your lovely wishes xx

Roxy Boulton said...

these aromatherapy key fobs are a great idea how do I place an order?

nesty said...

thanks for the comments everyone...glad you like what i've been up to lately :)

shari - thought you'd like the car! they come in such lovely colours too. it was a bit cruel of me to post the pic on your car free day though now i think of it! x

julie - hope you're having good celebrations!

roxy b - thanks for dropping by! you can take a look at my etsy shop or just email me & i can make you something up in any colour :)

bizelily said...

Hi nesty

You have been busy whilst I've been away, well done! I really like the lookof your first lines,

love bizelily xx

Gigibird said...

Great idea for the key fobs - I did a similar thing with my keys for my new windows. I had a look on Etsy and they look really good close up.