26 September 2006


Today I'd like to share the work with you of Miriam Zadik Gold....I've fallen in love with her mosaic work, especially this bunting which is so wonderful....they're my kind of colours!! Her website is worth a visit, especially to see her other mosaic creations (including crockery brooches - so sweet!) along with her papercuts & sculptural work.

The bunting is just about to go into a show at the Canary Wharf Gallery in London & has featured in the UK magazine Grand Designs. I find the pattern & textures so inspiring....I'm hoping to go & see the pieces "in the flesh" as I'm sure they're even more beautiful in reality :)


julie said...

Ive seen her work before - its great!!
Ive been collecting broken crockery for ages now - many coloured pieces of time waiting to be created into something else...:)

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

how can a simple thing like bunting be so beautiful, I may join you on that visit!

love bizelily x

Shari said...

beautiful work. love it! thanks for sharing. hope you are doing well. xo shari

nesty said...

glad you all shared my feelings for this lovely work :)

Gigibird said...

that mosiac would look fantastic outside under a pergola perhaps?or in a conservatory?
Did you get my email about fabric printing?