29 November 2006


I drove into Cambridge today to meet C for lunch + to buy some stationery bits for wedding invites I'm working on.

I was very sad to see that Noa Noa has closed down....it's one of my favourite clothes shops there. I haven't been for a while so I made it my 1st port of call but when I strolled up happily to the door + found it all empty I was gobsmacked....as was another girl who joined me in peering through the window for signs of life + more importantly lovely garments....we shared a mutual where/what/how/oh no! then wandered off in a bemused manner.

On a happier note I got inspired by more great colour combinations along the way....here's another tag set which is for sale.


Gigibird said...

It's sad when a familar shop closes, but I guess there is so much competition on the High Street these days.
Nice door colour, I am trying not to say very F&B, but look I've said it!

julie said...

Wonderful characteristic door...love its colour..love your colour choices!! Have a great weekend Kelly xxx

cruststation said...

I love your tags, they are so creative and beautiful. Great use of fabrics and stitching.