28 November 2006


In praise of these 2 colours....I have to agree with Manda that these shades make me v. happy....I suppose I sometimes forget to associate them with the festive season but suddenly they just look so right together....I'm even wearing them!

This photo story comes from The Observer Magazine a few weeks back. Etch-a-Sketch in all it's glory....loving the bauble garland + I'm even close to buying that tool box for my husband!

So....being on the verge of making our Christmas cards I think I'm going to plump for this combination....looks good with brown paper too :)

I'm making some gift tags sets which will be on sale in my online shop on Wednesday.

I'd like to say a special thank you to lovely Shari who featured an interview with me on Tuesday....I feel really touched to be have been asked to take part + I'm looking forward to reading about all the other artists through the week. x


Gigibird said...

Love the tag.
It's funny how particular colour combinations stir you - I have a thing for brown and red, whenever I see something with that combo I want it!
I liked the brown and cream scarf you used as a prop the other day, looked expensive.

julie said...

All so lovely...aqua is a new love for me!!

Shari said...

you are so welcome kelly! i really enjoyed your interview! love the cranberry and aqua. cool combo. xo shari