17 January 2007


here's the latest nest project

my mum + me are working towards an wedding exhibition in february

this third sample range will consist of a wall hanging + cushion

fabrics have been cut + waiting to be stitched

i've done a couple of illustrations
which have been printed onto cotton
(mum's going to work her embroidery magic with them before they're appliqued on)

next up for me are the illustrations of the bride + groom
plus the bridesmaids

so....as things progress + we get this completed i'll report back!

i've had a lovely couple of days with mum
....lots of planning, smiles + chatter....
always so good spending time together

p.s. wanna see the cutest hedgehog?

p.p.s happy birthday stacey!


Manda said...

Oh that all sounds lovely - you're so lucky working with your mum.
And thank you!

gracia said...

Sounds like a great project you are working on with your Mum... happy tinkering!
see you, gracia

risa said...

i love your drawings!

julie said...

You are so lucky to be working with your Mum like this!! Your drawings are beautiful Kelly...cant wait to see them transformed onto fabric. It all sounds so exciting and fun. xxx

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

My needle is poised ready for action on the flowers, can't wait to get started!
As always, enjoyed our days together, love bizelily xx

cruststation said...

Fabulous idea and wonderful works of art for a wedding. I love your drawings, I'm sure the embroidery magic will add extra bonus points onto them. Wish you every success!

Gigibird said...

Wonderful Kelly, evrything, your plans, working with your mum, the fair, your drawings.

Abigail said...

Oooo, beautiful! The drawings are just lovely.....sounds like a wonderful project :)