08 July 2007


we just spent some lovely time with our beautiful friend abi
i want to say my friend because i found her 1st a long time ago...
...but i'm happy to share her with c because he loves her too
(which fills me with joy)

we got to stay at her place (thanks for giving up your bed sweetpea)
eating tapas on saturday evening + drinking wine + cheeky cocktails
(waking up a little worse for wear the next morning)
but making it all better
with a private breakfast for 3 in her cafe downstairs

we all spent a sunny sunday wandering around stamford where abi + me used to live many moons ago...having an impromptu picnic on the meadows after we picked up some goodies at the continental market. how come food eaten out in the sunshine tastes even better?

much chatting + strolling was done...spotting old doors + buildings that we probably never noticed or at least never appreciated in our schooldays. a little reminiscing + a lot of laughter...pledging to see each other more often...here's the photo roll...

so i've returned home feeling full to the brim with friendship...a very welcome state of mind after being a bit under the weather last week. gearing up for a fresh monday tomorrow...xxx


ali said...

Oh, how charming. So happy you had a nice time.

julie said...

Gorgeous photos Kelly and the sounds of a wonderful friendship!!! Glad you had such a good time!

Gigibird said...

What a lovely time you had going by those beautiful photos:)

Sarah Jayne said...

What great photos of Stamford - and a sunny day. Wow

cruststation said...

I love Bath, it's such a lovely place and what a wonderful weekend you had! Waking up and getting breakfast downstairs + impromptu picnic with a good friend sounds perfect!!

shari said...

sounds like such a perfect time. love the photos kelly. xo