02 December 2007


i nip upstairs to get something
...what do i find?

silly bosco in one of his funny sleeping positions!
love that spotty belly : )


Gigibird said...

Cats - nothing beats them.

Bosco is such a prince:)

Babelfish said...

Hehee..isn't it adorable that cats can sleep anywhere? so cute.

jessica daisy said...

so cute, what a lovely tummy. My labrador sleeps on her back like that, with her legs akimbo, it's always makes me smile

julie said...

ahhh bless :) xx

Blaze said...

Haha! So cute! My dog was sleeping on his back the other day with all four legs sprawling out. He looked so peaceful! I love pet naps! :)

ambika said...

These last two posts just made me smile.