05 December 2007


i'm getting that festive feeling

also that slightly panicked feeling
...a feeling of a need to make many's a list!

at least our tree is up + decorated

...now can i blame bosco for lurking around when i bring an outdoors tree indoors...cover it with sparkles that dangle + sweet birds? pure temptation!

so now it's back to the to do's + some baking with this delight...yum


jessica daisy said...

your tree looks lovely....the pretty gyp is such a great idea, and I have those birdie decorations too!
Do you have your tree on a table? that what I do, because I haven't got enough space for a big tree, I have a little one on a table.
I wonder what you are going to make with the marzipan?
will we get to see?

shari said...

i am feeling the time crunch too! must make lists. love your decorations. xox

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

your tree is very gorgeous! I am now starting to panic as I am nowhere near ready for Christmas this year! aaaahh!

I foresee lots of lists for myself also!

Gigibird said...

Tree looks gorgeous:)
Love the little birdie.
I must make my cakes.....how is it suddenly Christams is upon you?

julie said...

Lovely warm feeling in your home Kelly..Yummy marzipan..i may pop round for a tatster and cup of tea :) xx